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Supporting kitchen gardening...

Allotments have been helping people be to self-sufficient since the Industrial Revolution and are an important part of our culture and history.  


Over the years they have had mixed fortunes, swinging from vital food production in times of crisis to near dereliction at the end of the 20th century.  These days the proven health benefits of kitchen gardening, along with much greater awareness of food provenance has brought them back into fashion.  The growing environmental and health  imperatives to  adopt a more plant-based diet means that growing your own becomes ever more attractive.  


These days  new allotments are being created by many councils and, for the first time in decades, our own village allotments are in back in strong demand.


Our Society supports all kitchen gardening, whether on an allotment or in a window box and provides a number of benefits for members.  Visit our pages to find out more.

Join us!